Matus Maintenance

For professional and honest good service look no further than matus maintenance our proof is in our services and work ,but more importantly why Because we believe in everyone deserves good quality and service in fact we believe consider it a basic human right

Our Services

Welding work/sliding gates
Padestrian gates, palistrades fencing, garage gates, garden gates,  fencing, fixed panels, safety gates, manufacturer of brackets and mig welding on body works. Property and building service and maintenance

· Painting
· Pluming
· Tiling
· Carpentry
· Roof repair and waterproof
· Electric
· Buildings
· Plaster
· Ceiling and repairs
· Carports
· Galvanizing | Sand Blasting and Powder coating

Contact Number

079 225 6326
O71 283 1042



25 Karate Crescent
Beacon Valley
Mitchell`s plain

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