Matus Maintenance

For professional and honest good service look no further than Matus Maintenance. Our proof is in our services and work, but more importantly because we believe that everyone deserves good quality service in fact we consider it a basic human right.

About Us

Our company was established in 2005 from home initially our services ranging from supply of materials and hardware matal works and manufacturer of welding work and maintenance of property and building services wellding, pluming, carports , painting, etc

The reason for establishing this company is to offer a service and good quality affordable products within the community where we reside. In future, we would explore and expand to other areas to cater for individual needs and providing new jobs especially for the unemployed people.

At Matus Maintenance we focus on

· Welding ·

· Mig and Tig Welding · 

· Painting ·

· Pluming ·

· Capentry ·

· Carports ·